New site for She said He said!

Hey y’all! The actual site for She said He said is up and running!Visit for our restaurant reviews. Now I can get back to Talking about books, writing, and stuff here on Thanks for your patience! Building a blog site is a challenge for tech-neophytes like me! As I learned on setting upContinue reading “New site for She said He said!”

Medicare Basics

Hey Y’all! Please visit It is my pondering site. This week, on Lessons From the Horse’s Mouth I’m discussing the basics of Medicare on five (5) consecutive days. Why? Because I have had friends discover the hard way that Medicare B is a very important part of the plan. It might cost you someContinue reading “Medicare Basics”

08.25.2022 Mack’s

08.25.2022 Mack’s BBQ, Hwy 341, Near Sterling, GA This visit was not my first encounter with Mack’s. Service has always been good. Food is usually good. If you are into having all your veggies dipped in batter and deep fried, this is the place for you! Except the sweet potato fries. They are just friedContinue reading “08.25.2022 Mack’s”

She said, He said

Restaurant Reviews by a regular Jane and Joe OK. Reviews by Steve and Flo 08.23.2022 She said: Harris’s Steak and Seafood on 124 Glynco Parkway, Brunswick, GA.          Harris’s is a Hotel Restaurant, so my expectations were a little on the high end. I like to consider all aspects of location (not geographical but in theContinue reading “She said, He said”


COMING SOON, there will be a new site from the Radkes. She said, He said will present our personal opinions of restaurants’ food and service beginning with our own town’s offerings. Our expertise is derived from our personal palates and our bellies. We know what we like. Until then, the posts will be here onContinue reading “SHE SAID, HE SAID”

Let’s get published!

Let’s hear it for the Self-Published Authors out there!! Yes, I am one of the millions that chose to self-publish on Amazon under the Kindle Direct Publishing program. It has been such a learning experience. I’m not a novice in navigating a computer but I must say the adventure did give me pause. The KDPContinue reading “Let’s get published!”

The First Day of Road Test continues…

Inside the general store was a blast from the past.  Yes, there were the typical modern conveniences but the shelves were stocked with homemade jellies, jams, and watermelon marmalades as well as the usual orange and fig preserves. Why, there was even a mess of canned cucumbers, okra, tomatoes, green beans, field peas, and peppers!Continue reading “The First Day of Road Test continues…”

ROAD TEST by Flo Radke

PROLOGUE           Travel is one item that is usually on everyone’s bucket list by the time they reach a certain age.  When one can coincide time and money, travel to an exotic port or their nation’s monuments often tops the list of things to do. For most people, when they have the money there isContinue reading “ROAD TEST by Flo Radke”