COMING SOON, there will be a new site from the Radkes. She said, He said will present our personal opinions of restaurants’ food and service beginning with our own town’s offerings. Our expertise is derived from our personal palates and our bellies. We know what we like. Until then, the posts will be here on the site.

Why the delay in our own site? Seems like the WordPress site building has made some changes since I last did Even this site has changed, I think, maybe not. I thought I had a picture on the front page but clearly, there is none. I had no trouble the my LessonsLearnedFromTheHorsesMouth site but Now, I can no longer figure out how to even do my front page or sections. I got the newest guidebook so I will be studying that.

Restaurant Reviews are simply a statement of what the reviewer likes and dislikes. We are not chefs, but I can cook a mean meal from healthy single servings to fat-laden family feasts. I receive my critiques from family. Friends will usually tell you “It’s very yummy!” but cannot wait to go to the restroom and spit it out of their mouths. I get it. White lies to not hurt someone’s feelings. Family, however, will tell you, “This tastes like crap. I don’t want any.” And they might say a thank you but, well, those of you with family situations know what I mean.

Please let us know if you have enjoyed (or hated) a meal in any of the establishments we present. I would be interested to know if we just hit a bad day or an exceptionally good day when we review.

Flo and Steve Radke

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