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Road Test

Before I go, I’ll give you an update on “Road Test”. Many thanks to all my Beta Readers. I am incorporating some of your ideas to create a better flow and leaving less to assumptions that my readers will simply “catch” my references. Work is underway for additional illustrations. I hope to be finished and ready to publish withing the next 2 weeks.

This version of “Road Test” is not the animated one I have been sharing but the actual story that lead me to begin the “Princess Version” of the same story. It all depends on you point of view and the Princess definately has her own point of view.



Medicare Basics

Hey Y’all! Please visit https://lessonsfromthehorsesmouth.wordpress.com/. It is my pondering site. This week, on Lessons From the Horse’s Mouth I’m discussing the basics of Medicare on five (5) consecutive days.

Why? Because I have had friends discover the hard way that Medicare B is a very important part of the plan. It might cost you some $$ but it is so much less than what you would have to pay for outpatient services like doctor visits, labs, X-rays, and the like.

Let me know what you think!


08.25.2022 Mack’s


Mack’s BBQ, Hwy 341, Near Sterling, GA

This visit was not my first encounter with Mack’s. Service has always been good. Food is usually good. If you are into having all your veggies dipped in batter and deep fried, this is the place for you! Except the sweet potato fries. They are just fried naked. Normally, I love deep-fried veggies, too! Sometimes, I have noticed, the batter is a bit much, especially if the veggie is cut a bit thin. The veggies, all of them, were heavily coated tonight. Even the regular French fries are coated.

I had the fried mushrooms and sweet potato fries to accompany my half rack of ribs. Let me point out that “half-rack” is off the menu. They list a pork rib plate, but the server said you only get 4, maybe 5 ribs. A half rack will get you 6 or 7 ribs. I was drooling in anticipation of the thick, tender, bone-in ribs I had had in the past.

My plate of ribs was served. Thick and juicy and tender they looked but when I looked at the half rack plate my partner was served I could not let it stand. I traded plates with him. He would have had a conniption. The ribs I relieved my partner of were much darker and had a black crust on them. This was different. I took a bite out of one and it was, without a doubt, chard and a bit tough, as overdone ribs tend to get. Not wanting to be a bother but truly disappointed in my charred ribs, I asked the server if this plate of ribs was all they had. (I knew it wasn’t because my dinner partner now had the better of the two plates)

Her comment was that she looked at the ribs and thought about changing it but got distracted putting out the food for the rest of our party (of 5). Without hesitation or attitude and with an apology, she took the plate back to the kitchen. A reasonable few minutes later she brought piping hot ribs to me that were of the quality I had come to know of this establishment.

Pricewise, the cost was about average for a barbeque establishment.

I must mention their iced tea. I get mine unsweetened and sometimes add a packet of Splenda. This glass of tea was exceptional without any sweetener. I know. Georgia. Sweet tea is a staple but sugar does not agree with my gastrointestinal system. All of you that require abstinence from sugar will enjoy the rich tea served at Mack’s. At least tonight’s tea.

My rating for tonight’s dinner is 7/10 just because we were served toasted ribs. It was corrected but should not have been served from the start. Also because of the excessive batter on the veggies. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for so much batter and maybe it would have been acceptable if the batter had some flavor but it did not.

I would have a meal here again but not anytime soon.




Half Slab of Pork Ribs,   Two sides.  and Budweiser


A pound of Ribs,  6 or 7 Ribs,  Sweet Potatoe Fries,  and Fried Squash.


Cold Budweiser,  in the Bottle,  Yumm

Ok Ribs, with more Bone than Meat.

Sweet Potatoe Fries,  didn’t care for the coating, kind of puffed up, like an oriental batter.

Fried Squash, same coating,  didn’t care for it,  The Squash was very good, under the odd coating.

Terrible Heartburn,  Up at 1:30am ,  on my Third Tums,  only had water since returning home. ?Could have been the Coating on the Vegetables?


She said, He said

Restaurant Reviews by a regular Jane and Joe

OK. Reviews by Steve and Flo


She said:

Harris’s Steak and Seafood on 124 Glynco Parkway, Brunswick, GA.          
Harris’s is a Hotel Restaurant, so my expectations were a little on the high end. I like to consider all aspects of location (not geographical but in the social order), typical clientele (as in blue or white collar, after work, after hours, travelers with money to spend on nicer places), and the overall atmosphere (or aura. I reserve this consideration for special reviews. This is not one of them.).

Entering the establishment gave me the feel of a higher-end restaurant. The decor was dark woods with a mix of black leather-ish booths and both High and Low tables. I expected prices to be higher and the food to be sparse but excellent in quality. I received a mix that made me want to return for more but not anytime soon.

We were seated right away. I would expect nothing less due to the absence of other customers. It was mid-morning, 0930. Not a high-traffic time of day. Too late for the breakfast crowd and too early for even the early bird luncheoners. More of an early brunch for us, but I digress.  We were given our choice of seats and we chose a booth, two tall tables away from the kitchen doors, and in plain sight of the servers’ perch.  The high table where the servers could rest between, well, servings.

Our server was quick to our table. I ordered coffee before I dashed to the ladies’ room, which was clean with conservatively nice décor. The frieze tile trim was a nice touch. All services were in working order.

Upon returning to the table, I had a cup of strong, less-than-lukewarm coffee waiting for me. I added a serving-size container of half-and-half and one packet of Splenda, both available at the table. I opened my napkin for the spoon but found only a butter knife and a fork nestled inside. No biggie. I stirred with the fork. I hoped the extra flavor of cream and sweetener would give the cool-instead-of-hot beverage the façade of maybe an iced coffee. It did not.

I did complain, hopefully gently, and the server went to make a fresh pot. Before she walked away she stated that she had just made the pot she had poured from this morning. I kept to myself the following comment. It was 0930. The place opened at 0600. While she could have made it this morning, it could have been in the thermos for over 3 hours by now. Hotel restaurants we frequent will put a fresh pot of coffee in a thermos to avoid overcooking by leaving it on the heating element, preserving the flavor. Even a Yeti doesn’t keep my coffee hot for more than about four hours.

A fresh cup of coffee was served, steaming hot, as it should be, and a bit weaker but palatable. I added the half-and-half and Splenda. The Splenda in this packet was crystallized. I gave up on the coffee.

I ordered the Steak and Eggs Specialty breakfast with a side of Breakfast Potatoes. Steak: medium, eggs over medium. Middle of the road would be ok; either side of it. The chef presented the prepared slab of beef and asked me to cut into it to make sure it is how I want. It was not. It was medium rare. Hmmm. Did I say medium rare? I used to like it that way but not lately. Maybe I’d expressed my thoughts out loud. I told the chef (I’m only assuming it was a chef although I didn’t want to make an ass out of me, never mind u.) that I wanted it cooked to medium. Not quite so rare. She returned shortly with a steak that looked perfect on the inside and tasted heavenly. Flavor extraordinaire! Succulent! Melt in my mouth delectable!

I noticed I had not been served my potatoes so I asked about them. The server said she did not hear my request for Breakfast Potatoes but would make it right as she trotted back to the kitchen and I dug into my meal as I waited. Oh! The eggs were over-medium as I requested. Perfect. Two eggs, combined in a circle of white, with side by side soft, flat sunshine spheres. The Breakfast Potatoes arrived piping hot. Fresh. Crisp. Not over-seasoned; or even seasoned. However, that is how I like my veggies.

Overall score for the meal:

                I give the flavor and texture of the food a solid 8/10
                Coffee was a 1/10 at my most generous

Overall score for the service:

                I think we may have been a bit demanding. OK. Maybe not so much demanding. You really don’t want to see that part of me. Discerning, I believe, would be a better descriptor. Our server took it all in stride, but I could tell she was getting frustrated. With a little more seasoning, I believe she will become exceptional in customer food service.

I know the server was trying but I must give her and her associates a 7/10. Not bad. I have had worse. Considering the server’s age, she has a lot to learn about what people expect when paying for a meal in a nice restaurant. Regarding the person I called the chef, perhaps there was an error in the original order, beings there were other errors, but her product was desirable. I will want to taste more of what comes from her stove. The hostess had a lovely, ready smile once we coaxed it out. So our greeting and our final glimpse added points to the service. I realize they are all under extreme pressure in the restaurant business, especially nowadays.

He Said

3.4 Miles from home,  


Breakfast Scramble, included Sausage Pattie for meat. Decaf Coffee. 


Corned Beef Hash,  Not available

One Normal Waffle, Menue pic showed small plate with two Very small Waffles and Fruit, Didn’t order.


Breakfast Scramble, with barely discernable Sausage, Weak Decaf Coffee, and no spoon to stir coffee with.

The waitress commented,  No one ever asked for a spoon before.

 Asked if had discounts for locals, not staying in the Hotel, Answer was, No


3 / 10


COMING SOON, there will be a new site from the Radkes. She said, He said will present our personal opinions of restaurants’ food and service beginning with our own town’s offerings. Our expertise is derived from our personal palates and our bellies. We know what we like. Until then, the posts will be here on the RadkeReading.com site.

Why the delay in our own site? Seems like the WordPress site building has made some changes since I last did RadkeReading.com. Even this site has changed, I think, maybe not. I thought I had a picture on the front page but clearly, there is none. I had no trouble the my LessonsLearnedFromTheHorsesMouth site but Now, I can no longer figure out how to even do my front page or sections. I got the newest guidebook so I will be studying that.

Restaurant Reviews are simply a statement of what the reviewer likes and dislikes. We are not chefs, but I can cook a mean meal from healthy single servings to fat-laden family feasts. I receive my critiques from family. Friends will usually tell you “It’s very yummy!” but cannot wait to go to the restroom and spit it out of their mouths. I get it. White lies to not hurt someone’s feelings. Family, however, will tell you, “This tastes like crap. I don’t want any.” And they might say a thank you but, well, those of you with family situations know what I mean.

Please let us know if you have enjoyed (or hated) a meal in any of the establishments we present. I would be interested to know if we just hit a bad day or an exceptionally good day when we review.

Flo and Steve Radke

Let’s get published!

Let’s hear it for the Self-Published Authors out there!!

Yes, I am one of the millions that chose to self-publish on Amazon under the Kindle Direct Publishing program. It has been such a learning experience.

I’m not a novice in navigating a computer but I must say the adventure did give me pause. The KDP instructions were precise and given for both Windows and Mac. I was able to format my Word document and fit it for publishing as an eBook and paperback. All I had to do was follow directions; An accomplishment all its own.

Go to https://kdp.amazon.com and give it a shot. All you need is your Amazon ID and password to log on. It doesn’t cost a penny. You can purchase as few as one or as many as 999 copies at a time to market on your own, helping you get your name out there. Your work will be available on Amazon.com and Amazon sites worldwide if you wish.

KDP will send you a royalty check for the books other people purchase on Amazon.  You will need to do the marketing on your own or you can get KDP assistance (for a reasonable price) for advertising your work.  KDP will also help you price your book and provide and ISBN number.

Amazon offers an Author’s page where you can showcase yourself and the books you have published. All this is at no charge to you. Again, you only pay for the books you purchase yourself. You also maintain the rights to your book.

Of Course, the most ideal way to publish your work is via a literary agent. It does require a lot of work on your part. Learning how to write a query letter, how to target the right agency, how to identify your audience, how to create a memorable hook line, and more, are talents that need to be developed. Many well-known authors had many, many rejections before they got that first real book deal. Now, they are famous and agents chase after them.  You have to do your homework and keep trying. It will be well worth the effort. In a future post, I will share the highlights of the operation with you.

What I am getting at is that you do not have to pay your life savings to get your book published.  When your query gets accepted by an agent who wants to see more of your sample, (or better yet, if they want to see your entire manuscript), the agent will go to work with you to try to sell it to a bonafide publishing company. The agent will also advise you and, if needed, get your work edited and prepared for the final publishing. Then YOU get paid your advance royalty. The agent will receive, on average, about 10 percent. They did the work for you and will continue to do so. Bottom line: you do not have to pay a publishing company to publish your book.

Beware: There are many publishing companies out there that say they want to publish your work and it will only cost $2500 or even over $5000.00!  These companies usually pursue you. They will offer you the world. Of course they tell you they will market your book and get it in the stores.  Unfortunately, I have heard too many stories that say the results were less than satisfactory and they were only allowed to get a handful of books for their own use.

See the difference? There are companies that offer services but want thousands of dollars to publish your book. Finding a literary agent costs nothing but your time and effort and the result is a payment to you. Self-publishing costs nothing but your time and effort and the result is a payment to you.

Do your homework.

The First Day of Road Test continues…

Inside the general store was a blast from the past.  Yes, there were the typical modern conveniences but the shelves were stocked with homemade jellies, jams, and watermelon marmalades as well as the usual orange and fig preserves. Why, there was even a mess of canned cucumbers, okra, tomatoes, green beans, field peas, and peppers!

When I say “canned”, what it means in country-talk is glass mason jars with ringed lids and not in the tin cans one usually sees in a grocery store.  You can see through the jars so you don’t really need a detailed description label; just the date and who did it. There is tremendous competition in small towns to determine who makes the best “whatevers”’; Sweet pickles, green beans, tomatoes, fruit pie fillings… everything! So knowing who canned something is really important.

I remembered watching mom and grandma putting up a summer harvest. There would be enough to last our immediate families all year with some extra for those in need.

My mind returned to carefree years, watching Grampa walking behind the plow with the old white mule, Nellie, pulling diligently; then drifted to later years with my Dad doing the same work using his tractor.  We didn’t have big farms but there was always a garden that produced all our vegetable, including red potatoes and sweet potatoes, and peanuts.

Grampa also had fruit trees; plums, pears, and peaches, as well as succulent grapevines. He tended them all  until the day he died at the ripe age of 86. I remembered the day. He was up on a ladder that cold February morning, trimming old branches from the plum trees in preparation for the spring bloom. Took him most of the day. That night he just lay down and slept forever.

Such a lovely flood of memories. I shared them with Steve. He’s known my family for years. He knew and loved my Grandma Notoes but never had the opportunity to meet Grandpa. I was only 12 when he passed. I know you’re doing the math. Yes. Grandma was 30 years younger than Grandpa. One day I might tell their story but not now. Moving right along…This is a road trip and we are supposed to be having fun!

Outside the market we strolled along the orchard alley in the sultry shade of the heavily laden pecan trees.  Looks like there will be a bumper crop of nuts this fall.  The squirrels were having quite the party but there were plenty of nuts in this grove to share. At home we have one pecan tree. Rarely do those rodents leave us any to use for our Thanksgiving treats.

On our way back to the car we spied a big, old garage next to the market and we peered into the windows.  Vintage cars,

I’m vintage! Come back over here and look at me!

What? Don’t want to bake in the sun?

Like me?

surrounded by tools of the same eras, filled the building from end to end.  The sign said to “inquire at the general store for entrance” but I wanted to make it to Birmingham before rush hour traffic got too deep and I had promised Uncle Bill we’d stop by for a cup of coffee when we passed Montgomery.  We must plan a day trip back to Weston come fall.

Day trip? That’s more like it.

Let us, first, see how this trip in front of me goes.

I’m not a spring roadster anymore, sweetie.

The rest of the day was an absolute delight to the senses. I had no idea there were still so many farms and even cattle ranches still working in Georgia but that’s what we get when we fly via interstate to get anywhere.  We miss the real world. Back roads.  That is where the heart of America can be found.

We made it to Columbus and commenced crossing the Chattahoochee River. “There’s that whine again, Steve, only it sounds more like a humming now”.

“A-a-h-h-h–! Feel the breeze! C-oo-oo-lll mama’s jets!”

“I don’t hear it. Maybe it’s the breeze coming through the top? Or the change of tire noise from the bridge.”

“Just saying. I know every screak this girl makes and it is just different. Almost like she’s singing. Anyway, here we are crossing the Chattahoochee. I just love saying that name. Chattahoochee. Sounds like a fun time in the old town tonight! I think there’s a song about it.”

“Yep!” Steve took a big breath and started singing. “Way down south on the Chattahoochee…sumtin, sumtin, sumtin and a hoochie coochie!”

“Sure y’all. Sing along with me! This is a family vacay, right! Just keep taking me over these bridges and I’ll keep you on key!

Thanks for reading! Be on the lookout for more of Day 1. Keep in mind, this is a 14 day trip with many adventures for the traveling trio.


Happy Reading!

As promised, here is the next installment of Road Test.

Enjoy the first sector of the first day of the trip as we realize the possibility of a covert connection between a girl and her favorite vehicle.


Star Date: 2015.07.21

          The time is now 1023 hours. Hubby Steve, has fueled up, checked the fluids, and verified tire pressure. All set to go and only an hour and a half past the planned exodus. Right on time!  My priority?  Sunrise Café’s lattes and banana nut bread. Hi! I’m Flo. We’re the Radkes. Yes, the rad keys to new adventures.

We picked up our drugs, left Brunswick, Georgia and headed west…er…ly…ish.
The direction on which we decided to travel was definitely not carved in steel. It was more like a drawing in the sand that could be altered on a whim.  Of course the top was down! Sunshine, wispy clouds and beautiful blue skies smiled upon us.  

We interrupt your program for a special announcement…

You may be stuck on the thought of us picking up drugs on our way out of town.  Allow me to explain.  Although we may act like it, we are not spring chickens and typical conditions of aging make us acutely aware of the folly of not bringing enough of our prescription drugs and nutritional supplements.  Since we were going to be cramped up in a car for many hours a day we knew the risk of resultant stiff joints and sore muscles.  Prevention and preparedness is the best plan.

Back to our first day’s observations…

The geography and topography of Georgia is varied and incredibly beautiful. Hills and rivers. Mighty oaks and lanky pines. Wild flowers of every color and fragrance. Flora and fauna abound in the temperate climate. I have lived in Georgia a good portion of my life and now realize that I have taken for granted its beauty and diversity.  I am so happy we took the backroads for the first leg of our journey. 

Highway 82 from Brunswick to Alabama

          We’ve traveled this road a few times but never very far and had never taken it all the way to Alabama.  We will most certainly do it again. Some people avoid going through small towns because it takes a little longer. That may be true but the history and traditions of our country are so often missed as a result. Immersion therapy was just what I needed to return my spirit to the land of my ancestors.

“Now just hold on a minute! Don’t I get a say in this?

 After all, I AM the Warrior Princess!

I thought we were just going on a day trip. Now you are talking about going all the way back to Nevada?

Weren’t we just there…what?…13 years ago.

I haven’t worked out in a while.

You can’t just hit the road and expect me to be the best that I can be.

I need to stretch and pump some good fuel through these lines. Blow out my carb. Flex my tires and such.

I thought all that time at Larry’s Spa was a reward for

all my loyal service!

And now I’m hungry and thirsty. They better stop soon.”

First stop: Albany, GA

We’d been on the road just over three hours and both our tummies were beginning to fuss, not to mention our screaming bladders! And my princess was getting a bit low on petrol.  We stopped at a gas station just outside Albany and scanned the area for a burger joint. Just a little something to hold us a while. We had another four hours to our destination and had no idea what the traffic would be like during rush hour in Birmingham. There we would have a scrumptious meal with my son and his bride. (They knew all the best eateries!)

“Goodness, it is hot out here.

That little bit of shade they parked me under has moved to the next space. I hope they stuff their faces in a hurry.

Oh, and I just know they are gonna bring back their drinks.

She better not spill it on my gear shift again.

I never recovered from that last one.

And I am still thirsty!”

Bellies full, legs stretched, full tank of gas, tire pressure good, and all fluid levels at par, we climbed a little rise back up to the road.  We had chosen a northwest route out of Albany and headed in the direction of Columbus, Georgia and the Chattahoochee River. 

“Ah… I love the cool updraft I get from the rivers.

So glad they are taking their time.

I need to warm up these gears before I do any heavy duty traveling.

Come on people! I hear a river calling!”

About 45 minutes west of Albany and half way to Columbus, Highway 82 went west and we went northwest on Highway 520. Another country road. One we had never traveled.

We passed what looked like an old general store open for business and a manicured pecan grove right next to it.  Well of course we had to hang a U-ie and check it out. We found a wide spot in the road to perform said U-ie right by an old-fashioned firehouse with a vintage firetruck parked in front. Maybe they’re open? No luck there. That museum was closed today.  Looks like a future day trip! Just 4 hours from home.

When we parked, I asked Steve, “Honey, have you heard something strange coming from the vent? It’s just a sound I can’t quite identify.”

“No. Well, maybe a little hum or something. Could be a bearing in the AC fan motor.”

“It sounded more like a little whine to me. Just off and on. I know the old girl is in good shape. Probably road noise or something.”

“Can’t say that I have. She drives like a dream. I’ll keep an ear out for whining, though.”

“Whine? Whine my tailpipe! I’ll give her a whine.

At least they could have parked me in the shade!

There is a whole grove of trees right over there.

Don’t see why they have to park so close to the door.

While I don’t relish the thought of bird splatter on my face, a bit of shade for my paint job would be appreciated.

Is that too much to ask? And who are they calling old?

They could use a little bit of a walk, too.

My seat cushions are getting a bit flat.”


Thanks for reading. Road Test is a protected work in progress. Enjoy the read. Share the upcoming release around November 2020. Just in time for Holiday shopping.

— Flo Radke

Please enjoy

Let me know what you think of the intro by writing a note in the comment section!

I will respond!


I made her a promise when she was just a baby that we would participate in the Hot August Nights Cruise in Sparks, Nevada when she came of age. She was twenty years old. The time had come.

She had made the 2800-mile trip 6 times in her busy life but they (you know…the proverbial “They” clan?) said she would never make the trip again. Others said, “Maybe she’ll make it. Just keep her fluids high and your eye on the gauges.” Some laughed. “You’re gonna drive?”

Sure, she’d seen better days but I had always made sure she had regular check-ups.  I even gave her a custom paint job. A daunting warrior princess on a powerful unicorn guarded the hood, and just two years ago the Hubby got her a brand new rag top.   

Over the past year she had developed a worrisome, though occasional, clunking noise around her right rear end. (Don’t we all?). We simply could not find the source of the noise. We scheduled her for an extra-long stay at her favorite car clinic and the caring mechanics search for it. They loved her and wanted to make sure she stayed in top notch condition.

Nope, couldn’t find the source. Nothing was loose. Nothing was rusted or leaking. While she was there she also got a thorough inspection for the trip.

Her car doc, Larry, went over her with a fine tooth comb and he gave her a clean bill of health. Still with the clunk but nothing was loose and several mechanics in the shop had their turn trying to find it.  Dr. Larry even padded up some areas that might rub in certain positions and cause the distinctive noise but nope, no change. “Have a safe trip to Sparks”, he said.

Where is Sparks, NV? Well, it has been said that “Reno is so close to hell you could see Sparks”, so there it sits within eye-shot of downtown Reno. Sparks is elevated to about 4500 feet in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, overlooking Reno. Yep, sparks fly upwards. Sparks is also about 2800 miles west from where we start this journey.

So on July 21, 2015 we loaded up in my 1995 Chrysler LeBaron LX and headed for Sparks, NV.


Westward, HO!

ROAD TEST by Flo Radke


          Travel is one item that is usually on everyone’s bucket list by the time they reach a certain age.  When one can coincide time and money, travel to an exotic port or their nation’s monuments often tops the list of things to do. For most people, when they have the money there is no time because they work with limited allowed days off. When they finally get the time, let’s say around the age of retirement, there is typically not enough money.

I have discovered that the internet allows us to travel from our own desk chair. Maybe some are able to travel from their own home theater. That would be awesome but there is nothing like being there in the flesh.  There is something in the air, the atmosphere, the water, the soil that speaks to us from our past life, via our heart or our spirit, when we witness a historical site or beautiful landscape or nature at her finest.

My husband and I have visited many places over our lifetimes either separately in different lives, or together after we married 14 years ago. Not being silver spoon babies, we had thought we would be in the group that had the time but no money. Through due diligence in money management and investments, we found we could do a little traveling. Using modest accommodations, trips were usually close to home. One day we made a decision for an extensive excursion. So we started.    

Thanks for reading the intro to my next book! So many adventures await. The excursion will be a 2800 mile road trip in a car that was not new to the marathon journey. And, also…Not new. The “vacation” will test the limits of the vehicle and its occupants!