ROAD TEST by Flo Radke


          Travel is one item that is usually on everyone’s bucket list by the time they reach a certain age.  When one can coincide time and money, travel to an exotic port or their nation’s monuments often tops the list of things to do. For most people, when they have the money there is no time because they work with limited allowed days off. When they finally get the time, let’s say around the age of retirement, there is typically not enough money.

I have discovered that the internet allows us to travel from our own desk chair. Maybe some are able to travel from their own home theater. That would be awesome but there is nothing like being there in the flesh.  There is something in the air, the atmosphere, the water, the soil that speaks to us from our past life, via our heart or our spirit, when we witness a historical site or beautiful landscape or nature at her finest.

My husband and I have visited many places over our lifetimes either separately in different lives, or together after we married 14 years ago. Not being silver spoon babies, we had thought we would be in the group that had the time but no money. Through due diligence in money management and investments, we found we could do a little traveling. Using modest accommodations, trips were usually close to home. One day we made a decision for an extensive excursion. So we started.    

Thanks for reading the intro to my next book! So many adventures await. The excursion will be a 2800 mile road trip in a car that was not new to the marathon journey. And, also…Not new. The “vacation” will test the limits of the vehicle and its occupants!

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