A Day in the Life

I awoke before 6AM which is quite early for my usual rising. Hoping to get in some research and writing, I was blissfully alone for all of one hour before my loving husband woke and approached my writing table, alerting my dogs. They always bark upon his arrival. We cannot figure out why. They don’t alert when our son comes to visit. In fact, they often give friendly greetings to others, even strangers, if I am present.

                It was too early to feed the two hounds and they had been waiting sleepily for my signal for breakfast. Of course, on my husband’s approach, they decided it was, in fact, time to eat. The cacophony of barking was enough to distract my deepest thoughts. Added to the chaos was hubby’s concerned shushing of them. “Shhh! You’re bothering mommy!”

                My thoughts immediately went back in time to younger days with my children as one warned the other in a loud voice, “Be quite! Mommy has to work tonight. She has to get some sleep!” Intentions were commendable. The achievement of such needed a bit of work.

                He fed them their kibble, their morning glucosamine chews, and their milk bones while speaking the agreed upon commands that controlled the dogs and their enthusiasm. He rinsed and refilled their water bucket. From there (the dear) he proceeded to empty the dishwasher and reload it with last night’s supper dishes. He made coffee. He asked twice if I needed anything. He gave me his plan of the day.

I must add here that my writing table is actually the kitchen table and all the above activity took place in said kitchen.

                I gave up trying to keep thoughts together, put on my jacket for the freezing weather (it was 41 degrees outside!), grabbed my audio-book of the Complete Sherlock Holmes collection and left for the patio to read. Well, listen. Nothing like a little Sir Arthur Conan Doyle read by Simon Vance to calm my mind and inspire.

Does this sound familiar? What do you do when life happens when you are trying to create your own fantasy world?

Until next time,


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