New site for She said He said!

Hey y’all! The actual site for She said He said is up and running!
Visit for our restaurant reviews. Now I can get back to Talking about books, writing, and stuff here on

Thanks for your patience! Building a blog site is a challenge for tech-neophytes like me! As I learned on setting up, I will be trying to apply the same settings at Perhaps I can bring some order to this page.

Road Test

Before I go, I’ll give you an update on “Road Test”. Many thanks to all my Beta Readers. I am incorporating some of your ideas to create a better flow and leaving less to assumptions that my readers will simply “catch” my references. Work is underway for additional illustrations. I hope to be finished and ready to publish withing the next 2 weeks.

This version of “Road Test” is not the animated one I have been sharing but the actual story that lead me to begin the “Princess Version” of the same story. It all depends on you point of view and the Princess definately has her own point of view.



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