In Search of…

In Search of Contributors:

RN, LPN, CNAs, MA, MT, RT, PT, OT, Caregivers, Doctors, Patients, and Families and Friends of patients, doctors, therapists, and nurses.

I have begun writing an anthology of events covering my nursing career. For over 40 years I have collected tales in my mind and will now put pen to paper. OK. Fingers to keypad. Well, maybe some pen and paper too. Or a pencil instead of a pen. At any rate, those ancient tales will have new life breathed into them.

What is an anthology? It is a collection of literary works, music, poetry, and other likenesses published in one book.

I’m looking for contributors of their own tales. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Make me say “Hmmm…” I would also welcome the spooky tales we have all either heard of or experienced.

Please do not include actual names and actual places.

If you have a “What if…” story, share that too!

I’d love to have your notes by July (2020) so I can have the anthology edited and flowing and published in time for gift giving season. Can you think of a better gift for a person going into, or a veteran of, the medical field? Help them remember why they became a nurse or doctor or therapist or other caregiver. Then again, it could confirm their decision to leave the field and become a welcome center attendant at the YMCA.

I am not only looking for tales from the medical personnel’s point of view. If you have been a patient and some out of the ordinary or even an ordinary day happens, I would love to hear about it from your point of view. We often forget that there is a real person in that hospital bed or on that exam table. Hearing from you would increase the perspective of what the medical field is all about, what it has been, and what it could be.

Please feel free to copy this post and share it with your friends, your family, and your social media contacts.

I will select the wildest, the craziest, the sweetest, the most profound, the quirkiest, the most innovative, and the ones that simply have something to say.

Please mail your contributions to along with your name or the “nom de plume” you would like to use. You can be assured you will receive full literary credit. I’m sorry I can’t promise monetary compensation at this time but keep in touch and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Thank you in advance for all the stories!


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