Here we go!

What do I want to accomplish with this site?

Is it a blog? The Oxford dictionary reveals a blog as a log that gets updated on a regular basis and is shared on the web. A weblog. It is used to share information, events, and ideas in a conversational style. No APA formatting required! That’s a bonus!

So, what gets me anxious about becoming a blogger?

One aspect is that a blog requires regular updates. I can schedule that but I am also the Great Procrastinator. The other anxious moment is “What do I have to say?”

What do I have to say that can make an impact (preferably good) on an audience?

I must first define my audience. Readers. People who love to read what someone else has written provided the material is interesting or exciting, informative about a specific topic, silly enough to come back for more, or sweet enough to induce tears or that feel good vibe we all (well, most of us) crave.

Who am I?

I’m just a person. I have thoughts that I enjoy putting to paper (or tapping into a computer screen). Sometimes those thoughts ramble and sometimes those ramblings evolve into a story and that story grows into a book-sized package that has the potential to grow further into a novel or even a saga.

My writing may not appeal to everyone’s need to read. (Oh! I like that! 
I have a Need to Read!)
To those who do appreciate my style and topics, I owe the deepest appreciation and will put forth my best efforts to maintain your loyalty.

How do you know you will like my writing? Here is my AHA! Moment.

I will give sneak peeks for my up and coming works as well as those books that I have already published. Just recaps so I don’t give anything away. It may be one of those random thoughts that I am turning into a story or it may be a first chapter or an especially intriguing passage. So…

Here we go…

but wait!

So you don’t get too antsy, I will post once a week for now. Expect to hear from me again next Wednesday.

Until then,

Flo Radke

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