Writer’s Block.

It’s real. Some days I am on fire and can write for hours. My mind is churning out ideas, conversations, descriptions, conflicts, fantasy, fiction. Some days there is naught but a snowstorm in my brain.

I have discovered a few things about writing. Fiction is hard!

Non-fiction is pretty easy. It’s almost like doing a research paper. The hard part about non-fiction is making it interesting. That is, unless the topic itself, is of much general interest.

Fiction requires the writer to create his or her own world. Being a fact-based writer, I have to grasp the concept that in fiction, my characters can do anything and live anywhere. The place does not have to exist in real life. The writer must make that place a real place in the minds of the readers. The characters’ abilities must be real in the mind of the readers. The situation, however inconceivable in the real world, must be believable to the readers. And relatable.

Fiction is hard.

Don’t even get me started on poetry. Poetry takes a certain creativity that few of us have. A poet possesses a talent that involves word manipulation. A word, an object, a gesture or activity can take the persona of any subject or action. I am in awe of the poets of the world.

On the News Front:

ROAD TEST is now available on Amazon.com in paperback, hardcover, or Kindle. I will begin my book signing tour the last week of January, weather permitting. That will be exciting as it will be my first-ever opportunity to congratulate myself on anything! Come and share at my party!

I am also planning to have the Princess Version of Road Test completed by the time the book signing schedule is solid. I will post the schedule on RadkeReading.com as soon as I know.
Like I said, Planning. Wish me luck?!

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