Many thanks to all who purchased my books, Road Test and Tale of Two Tails, at the Grand Opening of my bonus daughter’s Spa and Boutique: Therapeutic Bodywork Specialists, in Orange Park, Florida. It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you all!

Please feel free to critique my books!

I appreciate any reviews, good or not-so-good! Only by your opinions can I learn to improve my writings.


The Princess Version of Road Test is now Live on Amazon! Scan here to visit:

Yep! I have learned about QR codes.

The following code is for my alter ego site: She Said He Said. At She Said He Said. We review local and not-so-local restaurants, eateries, bars, and other places you can grab a bite to eat or be entertained with imbibement concoctions. Since my husband and I co-write the articles there may be some different points of view. He may be wrong. I may be crazy. But it can be entertaining.

Scan here to visit She Said, He Said:

Until next time! Reading: It stimulates the mind!

Flo Radke

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