It is finished! The paperback version of ROAD TEST is live and available for purchase on You can search for me, Flo Radke, in your Amazon search bar or you can enter the title of the book, ROAD TEST.

This book is a culmination of our adventures during our cross-country trip to Reno, NV. If anyone knows my little Princess, the 1995 Chrysler LeBaron I have driven since 1996, you know how dependable she has been all her life. This trip tested her metal, and her rubber, and all her systems.

Not only does ROAD TEST discuss the Princess’s qualities and quirks, it also tests the relationship between Steve and Flo. Trials and tribulations on the trip bring to light entities that were missing in their lives and spirits. Insights into what is truly important in life are realized. Insights that can correspond to what any of you might be going through right now. That’s what my takeaway is after completing this record of events. It is so much more than a list of where we went and what we did. It goes so much deeper.

Sure, the antics of the Princess are enough to stress anyone both financially and emotionally but there were angels we met along the way who guided us to our destination and kept us in one piece.

If you like exploring history, geography, and socio-economic situations across the country, you’ll research along with Flo as she shares tidbits to chunks of information with you.

I’m still working on the Kindle version. It’s ready. I could release it today. The only problem would be the table of contents. And that is not really a problem. I have other books on Kindle that do not have an interactive Table of Contents.

In order for it to become interactive, I just have to insert all the pages into the Kindle Create program. By doing so, the Table of Contents becomes interactive and you can just click on the chapter. Your device will jump to the appropriate page. Wait. Isn’t that what your bookmark is for?

Anyway, Let me know if you think an interactive Table of Contents is important for your eBook. Post in the comment section below.

And remember to buy ROAD TEST on Today!
While you’re there, look for other books by Flo Radke.

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