She said. He said.

Simple reviews of local eateries in Brunswick, GA
by a regular Jane and Joe

Hi There! I am Flo Radke (Jane) my cohort is Steve Radke (Joe).
We like food.
Good food and good service? That is a plus.

We have many wonderful eating establishments in our hometown and decided to share our experiences as we dine incognito. We just leave a note on the receipt as we leave and warn the establishment to be on the lookout for their review at

We will use a separate page on this site until the independent site for “She said. He said.” is up and running. At least, that’s how I hope it will work.

We currently have a couple completed reviews that can be found in the main section of but will be attempting to move those reviews to this page…eventually.

We have reviewed Harris’s Steak and Seafood and Mack’s BBQ. Those write-ups are in the works. Within the next week, we will have reviews completed for Striplings, Fish Tails (A three-part review! There were so good we’ve been back 3 times in 10 days.), and two national chains: Buffalo Wild Wings and Hardees.

So let me get to work on those and see how this page is going to work.


Flo and Steve

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