Available now on!!

I am so excited! I did it.
I have published Road Test on Amazon. The book is available in three formats. E-book for your Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover.

I have no marketing team so getting the word out is up to me and I am asking for your help. Pretty Please!

Once you read Road Test, Please leave a comment in the book site reviews! Even if it is negative. Other people shopping for something to read look at Amazon Reviews. I also have an author page within Amazon and would truly appreciate your comments there. One place or another!

Here are a couple links:

This link will take you directly to a page with my books. (Click the highlighted area)

You can go to Amazon’s Author Central and Enter “Flo Radke” in the search and there I will be. I hope. Try the link. Please let me know if these links work.

I have ordered some paperback copies for direct sale and will begin my book tour in January 2023! Email me and I will reply. I can then keep you posted on my tour dates and future book releases.

Thanks y’all!


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