About Me

Flo Radke

Author, Mom, Wife, and all-round Jane of all trades

Other blogs: SheSaidHeSaid.org and LessonsFromTheHorsesMouth.com

Find my book titles at https://www.amazon.com/author/floradke


“About” is a page where one is supposed to enter a bio of sorts by way of the format it presents.

The first thing this format asks is about my gender. What does that matter? I am me. Who cares how I eliminate urine from my body or from whence my satisfaction is derived? It has nothing to do with our conversation.

I know who and what I am.
I don’t even have to consider if I might be something else. I am something else. Whatever I want to be.

I am supposed to determine gender or some sort of identity. Hah! Fine.

My plumbing is female though it doesn’t prevent me from being all that I can be. I would love to have the male advantage of upright elimination abilities. I have been told that I think “like a man” in my innate ability to reason. What? Can only men reason? Ah! that is so Victorian.

And why is the word Victorian used? Isn’t that a female name? Well, I guess that was a flamboyant era as compared to modern times. Although, the style is making a comeback, and not just for chicks.

In summary: I am me. I like me. Sometimes. I have had enjoyable, intelligent conversations with me. I do hope you will join us some time by commenting on any post on any of my blogs. I will respond.

Leave your email with me. We will let you know when we post a new topic to ponder.

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